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Hancock Boosters, Inc. 

Get in the Game! 

By joining the Hancock Boosters you’re helping us to provide support to our student athletes as they strive to
succeed in the classroom and in competition. Your involvement in the future of our athletes plays a vital role in their success.

On behalf of our coaches, staff and above all, our athletes, thank you for supporting Allan Hancock College athletics.

Kim Ensing
Associate Dean/Athletic Director

Program goals and objectives  

  1. To ensure that all student athletes are provided with the resources and opportunity to achieve their goals
  2. Encourage student athletes to assume leadership roles both on campus and in the community
  3. To create a positive public awareness of Allan Hancock College athletics
  4. Get the community involved in Hancock athletics through increased attendance and membership in the Hancock Boosters, Inc.
  5. To raise funds for capital improvements for the Allan Hancock College athletic department

Membership Benefits:

Bulldog Booster Season Pass

($85 or 45 for parents of student-athlete)

  • Two season passes good for all home contests: 

Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball

  • One AHC Parking Permit 

Parent Pass

  • Two Season passes to the sport of your choice
  • Once AHC Parking Permit 

Contact Information

For More Information on the Hancock Boosters, Inc. Please contact: 
Kim Ensing    kensing@hancockcollege.edu

Buy Pass Online: 

Student-Athlete parent pass